Being born a creative, I am destined to experience the embrace of the different types of art. Yes, I consider content creating as an art. People often overlook the amount of time and the effort given by various individuals who wanted to share their passion, joy and their life to the world. Society perceives content creating as a stepping stone to entering the world of fame and fortune. Unfortunately, even other content creators think this way. They offer mediocre and obnoxious forms of entertainment, using their in-born faces (PaPOGI and PaGANDA) to attract viewers while offering nothing but that. But having them as a fellow creative, I respect what they do and maybe I am just a bit insecure cause they can garner audiences without lifting so much as a finger. Having said that, it doesn’t mean that I applaud nor agree with what they offer. As a content creator, I offer more than what is. I offer what can be.

My goal is simple. I want to create content that would be honest and a 100% pure from the heart. From sappy word play, to sharing of emotions to complete product reviews, it doesn’t matter. I want to show transparency and I want people to see that content creating is only a way of getting attention. Using a wide variety of my talents and tools, I would be able to showcase the beauty of the world and of life itself. Even if people don’t necessarily think that the life of someone who hasn’t made his mark yet in social media is relevant, I would try my hardest to embody the perseverance and the dedication to be a true content creator. I want to be able to touch lives not only from a computer screen or phone screen but in ways that is beyond any other. If this proves to be difficult then a deep and or lighthearted post would suffice.

Even if I just begun my journey as a content creator, I believe in a whole ton of possibilities. With the guidance and opportunities that would be provided by #BlogOPPOlis and OPPO, the skies would be limitless. I learned a lot from seeing my favorite content creators grow from simple people to bright diamonds. I believe its my time to follow their footsteps and in the humblest way possible, even surpass them. I’ve been taught to stand out from the rest of the world with my own Uniqueness, my Bravado, Charisma and Talents and having this jewel offered in front of me is my way of achieving that. Regardless of the results, the fight will not stop. I will continue to be a persevering artist and I would traverse life until another opportunity presents itself once more.

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