The beginning is often the most exciting otherwise fear-inducing part of any situation. It is like a gate with a welcome banner that’s either there to greet you to your journey to success or your walk through hell. Whatever comes, you must be prepared and with this, I accept the consequence that whatever I’m about to do will either pat me on the back to say “Good job, mate” or slap me silly.

Welcome to my first blog post. I never dreamed of making a blog to be honest. Don’t get me wrong; I’m a fan of literature and all that. I’m a writer and poet by heart but I guess making narratives about something or giving out my opinions on subject matters really didn’t occur to me. But you know what they say, the things you least expect to be part of your life becomes significant once the gears start turning and I’m thankful that I have people who backed me up on the idea of starting this blog.

First let me tell you about me. Who am I? I’m a nobody; just a boy with a dream. You can call me CJ. I’m a nurse by profession. You’d think that being a blogger and a nurse is almost an impossible combination because both have tedious lifestyles in their own area of expertise but I’m here to prove you wrong. I’m the type of person who should never settle with what is. I like breaking through things with my imagination and creativity and it’s a talent that I can’t deny. I’ve always been called different and treated an outcast so why not go with it and be the best at not fitting in. It’s my way of saying “yeah I might be doing the same thing as them but I have something that they don’t”. I can’t give you a definite answer as to what it is because that something always changes and even I’m surprised that I could do such things. I’m just a ball of surprises (cause I’m plump and unpredictable).

Brown Boy Thoughts is the name of the game. Why is it called this? I’m glad you asked. If it isn’t obvious, I’m brown-skinned (yes, CJ, everybody knows). The idea behind it is the acceptance of deprecation and turning something against me into a brand. Yes, it’s against me. Why? It’s a Filipino thing. I might talk about it in another post. The thoughts part was added because I’ve became well-known as a deep thinker. I’ve expressed myself through word-plays, literature, poetry and all spoken and unspoken words and I’m proud to say that most, if not all of the things my mind has produced reached an amount of people and have been appreciated al throughout their existence. If you’d love to explore more on the deprecation part, watch out for my future post about it. I promise you, it would be both beneficial for your psyche and it would be entertaining.

Back to the matter at hand, this blog aims to provide its readers a little bit of everything. As a person born under the star sign Gemini, I am very random and my thoughts grow wings that fly everywhere. This blog features those thoughts and everything that comes with it pertaining to reviews about certain products and brands, reactions and appreciation posts of events and places, insights on experiences, poetry, a touch of psychology (since I’m a huge weirdo and this will be one hell of a mental ride) and tips on how to emanate a lifestyle of randomness. You might think this would be a lot of random crap but it’s my blog and not yours so suck it (lol) . Besides, being unexpected is fun at times. Who doesn’t like surprises, am I right?

I promise you that I won’t be making content that’s way way too one note; I’m here to give you a freakin’ orchestra. So I hope you enjoy my personal brand of entertainment and I hope you’ll ride with me through this roller coaster ride.



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