Everybody knows Nico Bolzico as the lovable, funny, charismatic, and brave (most of the time bullied) Argentinian hunk that captivated Solenn Heussaff's, A.K.A Wifezilla's, heart. With his famous pranks, funny photos and incredible wit, he has touched many people's lives and brought us joy. From his antics with Solenn's little brother Erwan to his dangerous tricks with Wifezilla's hairdryer, Nico has become one of the most flavorful man in all of the Philippines. He's also the proud father of Potato, the tortoise and with him, I dare say that he would conquer the world one chuckle at a time.

Now, Lays Philippines has challenged our Nico and our Nico needs to prove himself. As someone who loves this hunka hunka ball of energy and idolizes him from head to Potato, I decided to showcase the flavors that make El Bolzico the number 1 perfect candidate to be Lay's Ambassador. Without further ado, here are the flavors of Nico Bolzico.



  1. Intense as BBQ

    Need we say more? Look at that bod and that family support! Definitely an intense man. And what's more intense than a brave husband who everyday faces his greatest love and challenge, Wifezilla? #bulliedhusbandsclub
Can you spot Potato trying to help him out?



  1. Cheesy as Cheddar

Only the perfect husband deserves the perfect wife. Being Solenn’s man is enough to prove how captivating, charming and essentially cheesy this man is.
  1. Sassy as Sour Cream

Check out that Sass. This dude can strike a pose funny or not and still look handsome as hell.
All you asked for is three flavors and yet he’s got more. I’m sure one day he will be up to create even a hundred if you put him up to it. As of now, I hope this proves well enough that El Bolzico is full of flavors worthy of the Lay's goodness.
Oh and this is me with him. So y'all know I can attest to how awesome he is! He's got Lays on his hands! I should know. I was there.


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