What up Brownies? It’s 2018 and I feel so excited and blessed that I’ve made it through! Finally a New beginning. But somehow I can’t help reminisce what happened the past few days, heck the entire year, full of presents. It’s nice to receive gifts from the people you love, no matter how small they are. It’s true when they said “it’s the thought, that counts”. So I’m gonna list my TOP 10 best gifts that I’ve received this 2017 and mind you it starts from January to December.

Disclaimer: if you’re gift ain’t here, please don’t kill me. You know I love you 😅

Without further ado, let’s get started. This is in no particular order so whichever comes first, doesn’t mean you’re top dog 😂


1. My Camera Lenses


Let me introduce to you my Canon 50mm Lens and my Canon 24mm Lens. Both are given to me by the most important person in my life (and yes God is not a person, but well... He’s God). By most important person, I mean myself (lol talk about vain). I got my 50mm lens on my 22nd birthday as a self birthday present. The reason I got it was because I read that it is important for a beginner to have a prime lens and a 50mm was the perfect first prime lens. The other reason was because my ex-crush (who should not be mentioned anymore) had the lens and I wanted us to match (stupidest thing ever, I know). Anyway, once I got hold of it, I was baffled because the lens made me feel limited. Everything was super zoomed in and I just couldn’t adjust to all of it since most establishment has little room. It wasn’t until later when I first studied photography under the tutelage of Mr. Mike Raymundo (Plugging his classes in Snap Box Academy) that I learned that my camera was an APSC meaning the 50mm lens acted as an 85mm lens, which in this case is only good for portraits and macros. So by September or October, I decided to get myself another prime lens. Thus, the 24mm lens was born... or bought. This served as my street photography and everyday photography lens. It’s also good for portrait shots that require the beauty of the background. But nothing AND I MEAN NOTHING still beats the bokehlicious shots of the 50mm. With its bokeh and great aperture, I use it for product photography and portraits. Who knows what other lens I’m going to get next. But now, I can say that I’m very happy with these two babies and they were cheap too so it was a very good deal.


2. Calypso Bracelets


Now these are the coolest, if not one of the coolest, accessories I’ve ever had. I mean look at them. Aren’t you stunned by the simplicity and elegance of the craftsmanship. And tell you this, I shit you not when I say that the stones are real. Each stone has a property that fits a certain person and I think the variety of stones they offer can definitely fit whatever situation life brings. This is one of the few first brands that responded to me when I began my journey as a blogger during late 2017 and I tell you this, one of the nicest and most caring too. This is the reason why I gave it as a gift to my friends during Christmas. Everybody Lololoved it! Watch out for my insight blog on this. Gonna make it as stylish as possible.


3. Starbucks Stuff


This is the year that my craving for everything starbucks had begun (well it happened when they announced about the availability of the 2018 planner and I decided that this time, I’d actually finish collecting stickers). I became so obsessed with coffee that I literally am almost always thrilled when someone mentions caffeine and Starbucks (my friend literally calls me a white girl every time). I earned the planner through sheer determination, competitive spirit, and splurging of money (and gaining weight). The tumbler was given to me by my sister as a Christmas gift. She said she picked it because she wanted me to remember Manila when I finally go to Canada. The Frapuccino packet was given to me by one of our Pediatricians in the hospital I'm working on in Intramuros. Lastly, the coffee press was given to me by my Clinical Head in the area that I’m working in at the hospital. He picked me as his monito during the exchange of gifts and this is what I asked for. I was kinda begging for it because I planned on using it on my Skinny Coffee from Skinny Coffee Club (go to number 8 ).


4. Vapur PH foldable water bottle


One of the most innovative thing since the invention of portable phones, Vapur PH introduced the foldable water bottle with style. It’s a definite must have for adventurers and well, almost anyone who has an outdoor life. Vapur PH is also one of the very few first brands who enthusiastically answered my collaboration Proposal and I thank them from the bottom of my little brown boy heart for being so kind. I use it whenever I go out for shoots and for long trips towards the unknown. One thing is for certain, I FREAKIN LOVE IT! Will do a full solo insight on this because of how much I adore it.


5. Family Computer Gaming Console


When my mom got this freebie from The City Of Dreams, I was Shooketh! I was so excited that I decided I wouldn’t open it until Christmas Day but since I’m a lazy rat, I haven’t played with it until now. I can’t wait to though and I still believe it’s one of the coolest presents I’ve ever gotten. Thanks City of Dreams! ❤


6. G Shock Watch


I got this watch during my 22nd Birthday this year from my cousin. I was so envious of his Black and Gold watch from Taiwan that he decided to give me my own watch. I’m such a spoiled nugget that even he can’t stand seeing me upset (lol). Anyway, it’s not as cool as his cause his can be connected via Bluetooth to any device and can control music(I’m not sure if it can or was I just wrong) but I’m still happy that I have this. Can’t really complain. A watch is a watch and it should be loved.


7. Coffee from Skinny Coffee Club


Another brand that decided to sponsor me during my first baby steps as a blogger, the original Skinny Coffee from The Skinny Coffee Club. I tell you this, dieting never tasted so amazing. At first I was like, oh it’s just Coffee. But then I started noticing how active I was becoming (caffeine obviously) and I was actually losing water weight. A lost at least 4lbs from using this in 2 weeks since Christmas and I’m in love. I will do a full review of this to tell you how much I love it and it would be an HONEST TO HONEST review.


8. Shirts from Various Sources


I’ve gotten these shirts from 3 sources. These are actually my favorites and the ones that I’ve grown attached to since acquiring them. The first shirt is the one that says nurse which I got as a Christmas present from my Bestfriend (Chummy I love you). It’s so funny how the shirt describes a nurse but hey, you can’t disagree with humor. Next up is the yellow shirt from my friend Jae from Bleux_hiatus in Instagram. He’s a budding entrepreneur and shirt designer and he gave me these because I wanted to help him expand his product reach. They’re so comfortable and so amazing. I especially love the yellow shirt because it fills me with so much POSITIVE ENERGY. Last and definitely not the least is my Wandering Soul Shirt from HRZN PH. I shit you not when I say that I literally screamed for the heavens when they agreed to have a collab with me and gave me this shirt. It’s literally to die for and everything is just so great. I love how 100% cotton it is and how comfortable it is to wear. I’d be using all of these for my trip this early 2018. Hope you watch out for my shots available via Instagram 🙈 (great plug CJ)




This package was given to me by SaladBoxPH, the mother company of GILTBOX, as a token for a collaboration. I just had to put this on this list cause I loved the mini products they put on here. They put in samples for us to try so that they can let you experience the product first before you actually buy the full sized product. It’s a monthly subscription box and an awesome one at that so go check them out.


10. My Family and Friends


Can’t forget about you crazy Brownies! I’ll keep it short and clean, I love you all so so so so much and I can’t wait to spend more years with y’all. Thank you for making my 2017 so special and thank you for being the best people anyone could ever have.

And that’s it for this post. Quite long eh. Are you still there? I hope to hear your thoughts on this. Comment below and let’s have interactions (please I want the human response so bad I’m on my knees).

SEE YOU NEXT TIME AND KEEP SMILING! HAPPY NEW YEAR!... except for the Chinese, you’re stuck until February (lol jk)


  1. Kat Aglipay

    Each of those presents are unique and they seem to have some sort of sentimental value to you. And yes, no matter how expensive a gift is, friends and family are still priceless. Kakatouch yung 10th gift ever, brown boy! 😊

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