Hey there brownies! Been a long time. A lot has happened and I'm telling you am I a lazy person for not writing everything here. Anyway, as promised, I would write more often starting n

ow. I'm still having my site revamped cause I'm a nugget who's lazy AF. But enough of that time for the main matter at hand.




You ask me, "So what's the big deal?". Guys, who wouldn't make a big deal out of crazy discounts? You heard that right! CRAZY DISCOUNTS! People who drive will be shouting for joy with fireworks everywhere once they hear what Caltex has in store. I shit you not when I say I ran to my parents once I got home and went caveman who just discovered fire shouting "ALABANG! LANDERS! CALTEX! FUEL! SALE!"

From March 12 to 16, Landers members fueling up at Caltex stations in all Landers Superstores will get P10/liter discounts for Caltex Platinum and Silver while Caltex diesel customers will receive P6/liter off. So gets yours now! With Caltex located within the store premises, Landers members have access to safe, quality and clean fuels and lubricants. If you're from the south, go and avail the membership while the promo runs in Lander's Alabang. 50% off until the end of March. If you're not from the south, just go to your nearest Landers superstore and avail the membership there! This is a once in a lifetime moment! Go Go Go Brownies!




Landers Alabang had its media preview last March 11, 2018 and it was phenomenal. It was my first time being inside a Lander's store and let me tell you this, I was excited. As I entered, I was warmly greeted by people who were dressed in plane stewards and stewardesses uniforms. I had to give them my "boarding pass" in order to get in. Now I say, that's one great theme. They were kind enough to escort me and get my membership card which I got for free because I was invited at the event. They gave me a temporary card and they told me that I could receive my permanent one after 2-3 days. After that, voila! Instant member. The perks of it? Well you get to shop in this amazing store and you get a a PHP 10/liter discount for Caltex Platinum and Silver while a PHP 6/liter for Caltex diesel (See the post above). Though I would advise you to go on the 14th because that's when Landers Alabang would be officially open to the public. Isn't that convenient? Having your superstore next to your Gas station? I know y'all love convenience and this is Grade A convenient for any busy person.

Now going back to Landers, I was greeted by a large army of food and a very long line of hungry guests. Who could blame them? Everything looked delicious. After all that, the ribbon cutting was finally done and we finally get to enter the sore. I tell you, to see a superstore with the largest variety of products ever really was a sight to behold. Upon entering, I already saw stacks of different products from home appliances to essential house items to pastries and goodies and the first thing that came to mind was "Wow, this place has got it all". All isles are lined up perfectly with all the goods you can take home. Personally, I was a fan of the beauty isle and I got myself a new facial wash and a face mist. There was also a coffee shop within the store if you wanted to just sit and relax while your mom or wife or friends are shopping. Not into coffee?

Well they have an amazing array
of Pizzas and comfort foods right across the coffee place. It was packed and I know it's redundant for me to keep saying that everything you could ever want is already there.

There are currently 4 Landers superstores open here in the Philippines which is the one along EDSA Balintawak, Quezon City; Paco, Manila; Cebu and this one in Alabang. Another is set to be opened soon in Pasig City. So go be a member now and enjoy the benefits of having this SUPER AMAZING STORE as part of your daily life.


Truth be told, it was a perfect stop before I went to the beach hence the get up. Oh and yeah I got to meet Nico Bolzico and Erwan Heussaff (totally fan-boyed).

Well that's it from me, hope you enjoyed reading this and see you again next time. Probably tomorrow for another write up. Love lots brownies!


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